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Models (My models collections of planes, sailing ships and submarins)

Planes (Models of military planes from plastic)

Fighter I-16 USSR

Fighter "Messershmitt Bf-109" German

Rocket Fighter BI-1 USSR

Fighter DH-100 Mk.6 Vampir Great Britain

Fighter Meteor F.4 Great Britain

Fighter Yak-15 USSR

Fighter Yak-17 USSR

Training Fighter Yak-21 USSR

Fighter Yak-23 USSR

Fighter MiG-15bis USSR

Fighter MiG-21F-13 USSR

Fighter MiG-21PFM USSR

Test Fighter ┼-8 USSR

L-39 Albatros Czechoslovakia

Cargo L-410UVP Czechoslovakia

Training PZL-130 Orlik Poland

Sailing ships (Models of sailing ships from a paper)

The Egyptian Ship Ancient Egypt

Junk Ancient China

╩arakka Venice, XIV-XVI century

The Ship "Mary Rose" England, XVI century

"Victory" Magallanes's ship Portugal, XVI century

The Ship "Golden Hind" England, XVI century

The Battle Ship "Ingermanland" Russia, XVIII century

Frigate "Pallada" Russia, XIX century

Iron-Bound "Affondatore" Italy, XIX century

The Cannoneer Ship "Petrel" United States, XIX century

Submarines (Models of submarines from plastic)

Typ "D" series I USSR

Typ "L" series II USSR

Typ "S" series IX-bis USSR

Typ "SHCH" series X USSR

Typ "M" series XII USSR

"Ursula" class "U" England

U - 47 series VIIB German

U - 47 series VIIB (Excursion on the rooms of submarine U-47)

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