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All these 3D-images are grouped on themes and are divided on some galleries. Also I invite you to look my exposition in gallery ElfWood (Sweden). This project is the largest collection fantasy and SciFi & Cyber artworks of amateurs artists from all continents.

I am amateur 3D artist and use a PC based software: 3D Studio Release 2 (for create 3D models), Bryce 2 (my basic tool), VistaPro 4 and Adobe Photoshop 3.0 (for post-production). In the artworks I aspire to photorealism.

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Almost all my fantasy artworks are in gallery ElfWood. Some of them are presented below. The complex objects (ships etc.) were made in 3D Studio (is used only as modeller), other elements of scenes (landscapes, planets, interiors etc.) and final rendering I make in Bryce2.

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